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Gujarat Samachar Ad Rates

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a leading gujarati daily newspaper publishing from Gujarat.

Gujarat Samachar
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Understanding Advertising Rates of Gujarat Samachar

Following is the Advertisement Tariff of Gujarat Samachar Newspaper with the rates mentioned in Column centimetres in Rupees. Please calculate Column x Height x Rate per Column Centimetre to get the cost of advertisement. There are different premium applicable for different pages and for colour advertisement. So please calculate accordingly or contact us for assitance.

Gujarat Samachar Advertisement Rates

Bhaves Advertisers books advertisements for Gujarat Samachar. You can give or publish display ad in Gujarat Samachar through us. We offer special discount on advertisement tariff rate card. Following are the rates for Display, Appointment Ad, Tender Notice & Public Notice Ad.

Combined (All Editions) W.E.F. 28-7-2012

Rate per Col. cm.
Rate per Col. cm
Basic Rate Black and White (Single Edition)
Gujarat Samachar Ahmedabad 1950.00 2400.00
Gujarat Samachar Baroda 750.00 900.00
Gujarat Samachar Surat 750.00 900.00
Gujarat Samachar Rajkot 600.00 660.00
Gujarat Samachar Bhavnagar 300.00 360.00
Gujarat Samachar Bhuj 150.00 225.00
Gujarat Samachar Mumbai 1500.00 1800.00
All Gujarat 4170.00 5190.00
Ahmedabad with Other Edition
Ahmedabad 1950.00 2400.00
Baroda 690.00 840.00
Surat 690.00 840.00
Rajkot 480.00 600.00
Bhavnagar 240.00 300.00
Bhuj 120.00 210.00
Mumbai 1320.00 1650.00
Gujarat Samachar COMBINED (ALL EDITIONS) 5490.00 6840.00
Multiple Edition rate without Ahmedabad. The Higher Edition Rate will be the Basic rate
Baroda 690.00 840.00
Surat 690.00 840.00
Rajkot 480.00 600.00
Bhavnagar 240.00 300.00
Bhuj 120.00 210.00
Mumbai 1320.00 1650.00

COLOUR COMBINED (ALL EDITIONS Inside Page) - Rs. 6840/- Per Col. Cm.

- For Audited Financial results and Un-audited financial results 25% discount on the National Rates.


Front page 100 %
Back page 50 %
Special page 25 % + Sp. Position 50 %
Third Page 25 %
Fifth Page 15 %
Election Ads. 50 %


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Gujarat Samachar

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