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Newspapers Advertising Rates in India

There are about 83,000 Registered Newspapers in India ad on year 2016. Out of which 8000 newspapers are published in Hindi Language followed by 1500 - English Newspapers, 1000 - Urdu Newspapers, 800 - Gujarati Newspapers, 650 - Telugu Newspapers, 600 - Marathi Newspapers, 500 - Bengali Newspapers, 300 - Tamil Newspaper, 250 - Oriya Newspapers, 200 - Kannada Newspaper and 200 - Malayalam Newspapers.

Therefore it becomes difficult to decide which newspaper to choose for advertising in India. We have compiled the list of leading newspapers in India with their advertisement rates along with circulation and readership details.

List of Newspapers in India by Language:

English Newspapers Hindi Newspapers Assamese Newspapers
Bengali Newspapers Gujarati Newspapers Kannada Newspapers
Malayalam Newspapers Manipuri Newspapers Marathi Newspapers
Mizo Newspapers Oriya Newspapers Punjabi Newspapers
Tamil Newspapers Telugu Newspapers Urdu Newspapers

Every Newspaper have there different ad tariff according to circulation criteria. Different publications may give different type of offers for different advertisement categories. Click on the following link of various publication to get detailed ad rates & tariff, size specification, mechanical details, booking deadlines.

Please send your advertising requirement to to get quote and help from our advertising expert.

Amcho Avaz

Language: Konkani

Frequency: Daily

Circulation: Goa - Copies


Language: Malayalam

Frequency: Daily

Circulation: Trivandrum - Copies

Understanding Newspapers Advertisement Tariff

To Understand Tariff card of Newspapers you need to go through the following steps

  • Choose the newspaper for which you wish to advertise. You have option of choosing newspaper by Circulation or by Language.
  • After choosing newspaper you need to select Advertisement Category.
  • Review advertisement rates of selected category for the newspaper. The rates mentioned would be in Rupees per square centimeter.
  • The rate should be calculated by multiplying the square centimeter rate with the size of ad you wish to advertise. For Example you want to advertise 8*10 cms ad then the cost would be 80 multiplied by the square centimeter rate mentioned in tariff card.
  • Next is to structure the Ad content and send it to us along with all the selected details for a free quote. Upon receiving your details, we will get back to you with the cheapest quote and discount offers.
  • After gaining your consent on the quote we will send you the invoice with a variety of payment options.
  • Once the payment is received, your ad shall be designed by our team of professionals as per your requisites and will be published on the scheduled date