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Recruitment Ad in Srikakulam Newspaper

Eenadu Recruitment Ad Booking for Srikakulam Newspaper

Recruitment Ad Booking

Book Recruitment advertisement in Eenadu Srikakulam Newspaper at Lowest Rates. Review Ad rates of Recruitment advertisement for Srikakulam Newspaper from the below table. The rates of advertisement in Eenadu are offered in Rupees per square centimeter. So to get the total cost of Recruitment Ad, multiply the rate with the size of advertisement you wish to advertisement in Eenadu newspaper.

Don't forget to check the booking essentials to know about the Recruitment advertisement publishing date, booking deadline and other mechanical details of Eenadu Srikakulam Newspaper which helps you to plan your schedule according. You can give Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page or any other size advertisement for Front Page, Back Page, Page 3 or in inner page of Eenadu Srikakulam newspaper.

Eenadu Recruitment Ad Rates for Srikakulam Newspaper

Eenadu Recruitment Advertisement Tariff for 2020-21


Edition Recruitment Feature
Publishing Day
Combined (A P + TG) Tuesday & Friday ₹ 2730 / sqcm ₹ 5080 / sqcm
Greater Hyderabad Tuesday & Friday ₹ 845 / sqcm ₹ 1435 / sqcm
Telangana (Excl. Hyd) Tuesday & Friday ₹ 715 / sqcm ₹ 1195 / sqcm
Telangana State Tuesday & Friday ₹ 1410 / sqcm ₹ 2375 / sqcm
Central Andhra Tuesday & Friday ₹ 780 / sqcm ₹ 1335 / sqcm
North Andhra Tuesday & Friday ₹ 715 / sqcm ₹ 1220 / sqcm
Rayalaseema Tuesday & Friday ₹ 715 / sqcm ₹ 1195 / sqcm
Andhra Pradesh State Tuesday & Friday ₹ 1995 / sqcm ₹ 3375 / sqcm

Note:- Minimum size accepted in Eenadu Recruitment feature is 8x4cms and Maximum size accepted is 8x25cm

To book Recruitment Ad in Eenadu newspaper for any of the above editions, please send us your advertisement requirement via email to We would analyse your requirement and calculate the cost then send you a quote with discounted price.

Booking Essentials: Here's all you need to know

Publishing Days

Publishing Days

Publishing Days Tuesday & Friday

Booking Deadline

Booking Deadline

Booking Deadline 1 Day Prior

Page Positions

Inner Page

Publishes on a specific Inner Page under Recruitment heading

View Display Ad Samples

View Display Ad Samples

Ad Sizes

Quarter Page Ad

Minimum Size Accepted

Quarter Page Ad

Maximum Size Accepted

How to book Recruitment Ad in Eenadu Srikakulam Newspaper?

  • Check the rate card of Recruitment advertisement and fix the size according to your budget for Eenadu newspaper.
  • Plan schedule for your Recruitment advertisement by checking booking essentials mentioned for Srikakulam edition.
  • Prepare a draft of your Recruitment advertisement content and send us to avail a free quote along with various discounts and offers available for Eenadu newspaper for its Srikakulam edition.
  • Upon receiving your consent on the Ad Rates quoted to you for Recruitment advertisement for Eenadu, we will send you an invoice with every payment options available.
  • Once the payment is received, our designing team would start designing your Recruitment ad as per your requirements and it will get published on the date chosen in Srikakulam edition of Eenadu newspaper.

How Bhaves Advertisers can help you get lowest rates for Recruitment advertisement in Srikakulam for Eenadu newspaper

We are Advertising Agency in Srikakulam. We help you post Recruitment Ad in Eenadu Newspaper at Lowest rates.

We are a national Advertising Agency and our clients are based all over India. Therefore we do bulk media buying from Eenadu newspaper for Recruitment advertisement so that we can offer our clients the lowest rates even for small budget releases. We have effectively presented this information on our digital platform by which anybody can understand Recruitment advertisement rate card easily. This has become a great tool for advertisers to plan media in an effective manner while saving cost on advertising in Eenadu to get best the milage on spendings for Srikakulam city.