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Explore Display Advertisement Rates of Free Press Journal Newspaper

To Publish your ad in Free Press Journal newspaper for Display Advertising, kindly share your advertisement details with us via email at Our team of proficient Advertising Experts at Bhaves Advertisers will carefully review your needs, assess costs, and promptly provide you with a customized quote at an exclusive discounted rate.

Free Press Journal Display Advertisement Tariff for 2023-24

EDITION Inner Page B/w Inner Page Col
FPJ (Mumbai) ₹ 1470 / sqcm ₹ 1470 / sqcm
(Indore + Bhopal) ₹ 498 / sqcm ₹ 498 / sqcm
Display Ad Booking

Unlock Your Advertising Potential: Free Press Journal Display Ad Rates Await!

Discover the current Display Ad Rates for Free Press Journal across different editions, all at your fingertips. Bhaves Advertisers, a prominent Newspaper Advertising Agency, brings you these rates presented in Rupees per square centimeter. Rates vary based on the preferred placement – Front Page, Page 3, or Inner Page – adding a layer of choice to your advertisement strategy.

For your convenience, we provide the option to download the Free Press Journal Advertisement Rate Card in both Pdf and Excel formats. Unveil the potential of your Display ad with the added advantage of Special Discounts on the stipulated Tariff Rates. Experience seamless service by requesting a Free Quote for your Classified Newspaper Display Advertisement.

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Free Press Journal Ad Booking Centers for Display Advertisement:

How to give Display Ad in Free Press Journal Newspaper:

There are two options where you can get Display ad published in Free Press Journal.

First Option is Display Ad in Classifieds Section and the other option is Display Display Ad.

For publishing your ad in Classified section you can simply visit our Online Classified Ad Booking Platform and book your Display Ad online following few simple steps.

For Display Ads in Box format in Free Press Journal just follow these steps:

  • Draft Display Ad Content. Write a short and simple content for the Display ad and don't forget to include important details and gather the images you wish to include if any like your company logo etc.
  • Choose City. Select a city from the above list to get the Display posted in Free Press Journal.
  • Check Rates.. View Display rates from the above Table of Free Press Journal Display Tariff. The rates mentioned are per square centimeter.
  • Plan Publishing Date. Decide the date of publishing of the Display ad in Free Press Journal Newspaper.
  • Share the details. Send all the above details to us to
  • Get a Quote. We will share you the extact cost offering special discounts for Display Ad in Free Press Journal along with the Ad Design using the information you have shared.
  • Accept Quote. If you like our quote, we'll send an invoice with payment options.
  • Make Payment. You can pay through various payment options.
  • Publishing Day:. Your Display ad will be in Free Press Journal on the chosen date.
  • Get Copy: Once it's out, we'll give you an e-paper copy for your records.

Follow these simple steps to get your Display Ad in Free Press Journal and effectively reach your target audience.