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About Obituary Ads in Newspapers

In India, it is a customary practice to publish obituary advertisements in newspapers when a loved one passes away. These ads serve as a vital means of informing friends and relatives about the unfortunate incident, particularly during a challenging time of loss and grief.

Newspaper obituary advertisements play a crucial role in communicating the news of the departed to a broader audience, easing the burden of personally informing everyone. Every newspaper offers concessional rates for obituary ads, though the specific costs may vary from one publication to another.

These heartfelt tributes are published under various headings such as Sad Demise, Condolence Meeting, Commemoration, In Loving Memory of, Chauthas, Uthavana, Uthala, Shradhanjali, In Fond Memory of, Death Anniversary, Remembrance, Prayer Meeting, Death Message, and Marka. Typically, these ads follow a specific format and often include a photograph of the deceased.

Why people post Obituary Ad in Newspaper?

People post obituary ads in newspapers to inform the public about the passing of a loved one and to share funeral or memorial service details. There are several reasons why people choose to publish obituary ads:

Announcing the Death: Obituary ads serve as an official announcement of someone’s passing. They provide a platform to inform friends, family members, colleagues, and acquaintances about the individual’s death.

Notifying a Wider Audience: Newspapers have a broad readership, making them an effective means of reaching a wide audience. By posting an obituary ad, people can inform a larger community about the death, especially if the deceased was well-known or had a significant impact on the community.

Funeral/Memorial Service Information: Obituary ads typically include details about the funeral or memorial service, such as the date, time, and location. This ensures that those who wish to pay their respects can attend the service.

Tribute and Remembrance: Obituary ads often include a tribute to the deceased, highlighting their accomplishments, character, and contributions during their life. It serves as a way to honor and remember the person who has passed away.

Connect with Distant Relatives and Friends: In today’s mobile society, family members and friends may be scattered across different locations or countries. Obituary ads help connect with those who may not be easily reachable through other means.

Legally Required Notices: In some cases, publishing an obituary in a newspaper may be a legal requirement for certain matters, such as estate administration or creditors’ claims.

Cultural and Traditional Reasons: In many cultures, it is customary to publish obituary ads as a way of showing respect for the deceased and sharing the news of their passing with the community.

Preserving Family History: Obituary ads can become a part of the family’s historical records. They are often kept as mementos to remember and honor the deceased for future generations.

Overall, obituary ads in newspapers provide a way for individuals to pay their final respects, share important information, and commemorate the life of the deceased in a public forum.

What is the cost of Obituary Ad in Newspaper?

The cost of an obituary ad in a newspaper in India can vary significantly based on several factors, including the newspaper’s circulation, the size of the ad, the location of the ad placement (front page, back page, etc.), and the number of words or lines in the ad.

Newspapers usually have concessional rates for obituary advertisements as a gesture of compassion during a difficult time. However, the actual cost can differ from one newspaper to another.

To get accurate pricing for an obituary ad in a specific newspaper, it is best to contact Bhaves Advertisers, a leading Advertising Agency in India or visit their official website Team of Bhaves Advertisers will be able to provide you with detailed information about the available ad sizes, rates, and any special packages or discounts the publication may offer for obituary ads. Additionally, we can guide you through the ad booking process and assist with composing the ad content if needed.

To assist you during this emotional time, we provide ad samples to help you compose the appropriate content for the obituary advertisement.

Our dedicated service extends to helping you book obituary advertisements in any newspaper published in India, ensuring you receive the lowest rates possible. As you pay homage to your departed loved one, we stand by you to ensure your message reaches the hearts of those who knew and cherished them.

How to post Obituary Ad in Newspaper?

To post an obituary ad in a newspaper, follow these general steps:

Choose the Newspaper: Select the newspaper in which you want to publish the obituary ad. You can choose a local newspaper or a newspaper with a broader readership, depending on the audience you want to reach.

Inquire about Ad Rates and Formats: Checkout Ad rates and available formats for the chosen newspaper for obituary advertisements. All the required information about different ad sizes, placement options, and any concessional rates for obituary ads are display on the newspaper page on

Compose the Ad Content: Prepare the obituary ad content, including details such as the deceased’s name, date of birth, date of passing, funeral/memorial service details, and any other relevant information with Photograph of the deceased and send us through email to

Choose the Ad Size and Placement: Based on your budget and preference, select the ad size and placement in the newspaper. You can choose from various options like a simple text ad, a display ad with a photograph, or a larger format ad.

Review the Ad Proof: We would send you the ad proof for review before publishing. Double-check all the details and make any necessary corrections or changes.

Make the Payment: Once you are satisfied with the ad proof, proceed to make the payment for the advertisement. We will provide you with available payment options.

Publish the Ad: After completing the payment, We would process the obituary ad to the respective newspaper and the obituary ad would get published on the specified date.

Receive a Copy: You will receive a copy of the newspaper, usually in print or electronic form, where the obituary ad has been published.

How to Write Cost-Effective Obituary Ads for Newspaper publishing?

Writing cost-effective obituary ads for newspaper publishing requires thoughtful consideration of the content and format to convey the necessary information concisely. Here are some tips to help you write a cost-effective and impactful obituary ad:

Focus on Key Details: Include essential information such as the full name of the deceased, date of birth, date of passing, and details of the funeral or memorial service. Keep the ad brief and to the point.

Choose the Right Words: Use clear and concise language to convey your message effectively. Avoid excessive use of flowery language, as it may increase the cost of the ad.

Use Standard Ad Format: Most newspapers offer standard ad formats for obituaries, with varying rates based on the size of the ad. Stick to these standard formats to keep costs in check.

Check for Concessional Rates: Inquire with us about any concessional rates or discounts the newspaper may offer for obituary ads. Some newspapers provide discounted rates as a gesture of compassion.

Plan the Length of the Ad: Keep the ad brief but ensure it contains all the necessary information. Longer ads with excessive content may incur higher costs.

Proofread Thoroughly: Before submitting the ad, proof read it carefully to avoid any errors that might lead to additional costs for corrections.

By following these tips, you can write a cost-effective obituary ad that honors your loved one’s memory while staying within your budget. Remember that the primary goal of the ad is to inform readers of the passing and memorial service details, so focus on clarity and simplicity in your message.

Advantages of Booking an Obituary Ad in the Newspaper through Bhaves Advertisers

Bhaves Advertisers, a leading Newspaper Advertising Agency, has been serving advertisers for the past 25 years. Over this time, we have established a strong network with newspapers across India. Leveraging our enduring relationships with publications, we secure favorable negotiated rates for advertisements, passing on the benefit of the best rates to our customers.

Our experience allows us to guide you in selecting the most suitable newspaper for optimal reach and impact. Our talented team is readily available to assist you in determining the appropriate newspaper, ad position, and size, ensuring your message reaches the intended audience effectively.

Moreover, we go the extra mile by providing complimentary ad design services to enhance the presentation of your obituary ad in the newspaper.

By choosing Bhaves Advertisers as your advertising partner, you gain access to cost-effective rates, expert recommendations, and creative support, ensuring that your obituary ad receives the attention it deserves, effectively honoring the memory of your loved one.

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Obituary Advertisement tariff for Newspapers in India

Every newspaper decides the tariff of Obituary Advertisements as per their circulation and readership. Therefore Obituary ad rates will vary even for every edition of the newspaper.

The higher the circulation the tariff rates also increases because you get more reach and readership.

For most of the newspapers Obituary advertisement tariff is charged per square centimeter. Therefore the cost of advertisement depends on the size you choose.

Generally the minimum size accepted is 4x5 ie 20 sqcm and the maximum size is Full Page which is around 1700 sqcms.

The cost of Obituary advertisement even varies according to the page you select. If it is the front page of the newspaper, the charges will be relatively high compared to the inner page advertisement and even the minimum size of advertisement changes for the premium page.

How Bhaves Advertisers can help you to publish Obituary advertisement effectively at lowest cost

We are a national Newspaper Advertising Agency having very strong network with all major newspapers in India. By utilizing this network and gathering data for Obituary advertisements we have created a digital platform for newspaper advertising which represent the advertising details of Obituary advertisement in an effective and simplified manner. This has become a great tool for advertisers to plan media in an effective manner while saving cost on advertising to get best the milage on spendings.