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Recruitment Advertisement in Newspaper Rates

About Recruitment Ads in Newspapers

Recruitment advertisement is a process of advertising carried out in newspapers by the companies and business groups in order to make appointments in the vacant positions in the organization. A recruitment advertisement is designed with only one goal that is hiring fresh as well as experienced employees as per situation vacant for the job that is to be done.  It should be compelling enough to draw the attraction of eligible candidates for the job and that is why the designing process of the advertisement should be efficiently done. Every day, the populace of the nation go through the recruitment section in search of the job that will meet their workings needs. So, it is always preferable to publish your recruitment advertisement in the popular dailies to get the best employees both India as well as foreign nations. It benefits both the employers and the employees. The design of the advertisement may be carried out by a non-specialist staff of the conglomerate or an advertising agency can be hired for this purpose. The recruitment advertisements are meant to be creating a good impression about the company among the masses and the companies generally try their best to raise the interest of the job seekers about the advertisement of the job opening.

How to write an Recruitment Advertisement for Newspaper :

  • Heading of the title of the job along with location
  • A paragraph dedicated to the description of the company that is seeking new appointments
  • Another paragraph containing the job description and the position in which the applicant will be hired
  • Qualifications for applying for the job
  • The salary package along with other allowances may or may not be included in the advertisement
  • Information regarding the application forms and from where it can be availed along with other additional details

Recruitment ads are considered an important part of the whole recruitment process and the companies, therefore, use all the resources available to them to make the advertisement interesting among the candidates eligible for appointment.

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Recruitment Advertisement tariff for Newspapers in India

Every newspaper decides the tariff of Recruitment Advertisements as per their circulation and readership. Therefore Recruitment ad rates will vary even for every edition of the newspaper.

The higher the circulation the tariff rates also increases because you get more reach and readership.

For most of the newspapers Recruitment advertisement tariff is charged per square centimeter. Therefore the cost of advertisement depends on the size you choose.

Generally the minimum size accepted is 4x5 ie 20 sqcm and the maximum size is Full Page which is around 1700 sqcms.

The cost of Recruitment advertisement even varies according to the page you select. If it is the front page of the newspaper, the charges will be relatively high compared to the inner page advertisement and even the minimum size of advertisement changes for the premium page.

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