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Times Ascent Ad Rates

Explore Times Ascent Advertisement Rates of Times of India Newspaper

To Publish your ad in Times of India newspaper for Times Ascent Advertising, kindly share your advertisement details with us via email at Our team of proficient Advertising Experts at Bhaves Advertisers will carefully review your needs, assess costs, and promptly provide you with a customized quote at an exclusive discounted rate.

Explore the Recruitment Ad Rates for advertising in Times Ascent, the dedicated recruitment feature of Times of India published every Wednesday. Please note that Times Ascent exclusively accepts Recruitment and Job-related Ads.

Times Ascent Advertising Tariff 2023-24

B/W & Colour
Times Ascent All India Editions ₹ 4625 / sqcm
Times Ascent All Metro Editions
Covers Delhi + Mumbai + Bangalore + Chennai + Kolkata + Hyderabad + Pune
₹ 4235 / sqcm
Times Ascent Delhi + Mumbai + Bangalore ₹ 3465 / sqcm
Times Ascent Mumbai + Pune + Ahmedabad ₹ 2370 / sqcm
Times Ascent All South India
Covers Bangalore + Hyderabad + Mangalore + Mysore + Chennai + Kerala + Free Bangalore Mirror
₹ 1935 / sqcm

To avail any of the mentioned Ad packages and book your ad in Times Ascent, kindly submit your recruitment ad content via email to Our team will skillfully design your recruitment ad and provide you with a discounted price quote before sending the final version back to you.

Individual City Ad Rates of Times Ascent

Times Ascent Edition Publishing Day Minimum Accepted
Ad Size in Cms.
Recruitment Ad Rate
B/W & Colour
Mumbai Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 1785 / sqcm
Bangalore Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 1340 / sqcm
Delhi Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 1470 / sqcm
Gurgaon Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 116 / sqcm
Madhya Pradesh Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 121 / sqcm
Noida Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 110 / sqcm
All East India Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 885 / sqcm
Kolkata Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 780 / sqcm
Pune Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 715 / sqcm
Aurangabad Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 58 / sqcm
Nashik Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 68 / sqcm
Kolhapur Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 63 / sqcm
Ahmedabad Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 600 / sqcm
Lucknow Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 651 / sqcm
Western UP & UK Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 175 / sqcm
Meerut Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 80 / sqcm
Agra Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 90 / sqcm
Bareilly Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 80 / sqcm
Dehradun Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 90 / sqcm
Hyderabad Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 675 / sqcm
Vizag Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 121 / sqcm
Vijayawada Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 46 / sqcm
Kerala Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 310 / sqcm
Chennai Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 820 / sqcm
Bhubaneshwar Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 160 / sqcm
Kanpur Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 131 / sqcm
Jaipur Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 126 / sqcm
Mysore Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 75 / sqcm
Nagpur Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 121 / sqcm
Goa Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 100 / sqcm
Mangalore Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 68 / sqcm
Guwahati Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 58 / sqcm

Times Ascent Overseas Recruitment Ad Packages

Edition Recruitment Ad Rates
for Overseas Jobs
TOI + ET All India Editions ₹ 4360 / sqcm
Times of India
Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai
₹ 3035 / sqcm
Times of India
Mumbai, Delhi
₹ 2610 / sqcm
Times of India
Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad
₹ 2845 / sqcm
Times of India All South
Covers Bangalore + Hyderabad + Mangalore + Mysore + Chennai + Kerala
₹ 1490 / sqcm

1. For Times Ascent Overseas Column only Overseas Job Ads are accepted.
2. There are certain documents required to advertise in Times Ascent Overseas Feature.

3. Times Ascent Overseas column publishes on every Wednesday.
4. Minimum Accepted Ad Size is 8×6 cms

To book your ad in Times Ascent Overseas feature for any of the above Ad package, please share your recruitment ad content to us via email to . We would design the recruitment ad and send you along with discounted price quote.

Times Ascent Advertisement Rate Card

Unlock Your Advertising Potential: Times of India Times Ascent Ad Rates Await!

Discover the current Times Ascent Ad Rates for Times of India across different editions, all at your fingertips. Bhaves Advertisers, a prominent Newspaper Advertising Agency, brings you these rates presented in Rupees per square centimeter. Rates vary based on the preferred placement – Front Page, Page 3, or Inner Page – adding a layer of choice to your advertisement strategy.

For your convenience, we provide the option to download the Times of India Advertisement Rate Card in both Pdf and Excel formats. Unveil the potential of your Times Ascent ad with the added advantage of Special Discounts on the stipulated Tariff Rates. Experience seamless service by requesting a Free Quote for your Classified Newspaper Times Ascent Advertisement.

Embrace the power of impactful advertising with Bhaves Advertisers – your pathway to optimized reach and engagement.

Times of India Times Ascent Ad Booking Essentials:

Publishing Days

Times Ascent Publishing Day


Booking Deadline

Booking Deadline

Advance Saturday

Format for Creative

Format for Creative

Ensure you submit your Ad Creative in High resolution TIFF, PDF or PSD format.

Creative Deadline

Creative Deadline

10am, Monday

Track your Campaign

Track your Ad

Once the Recruitment Ad is confirmed for release, you will receive a notification and you can check your ad phyically or via Times ascent e-paper on the schedule date.

Proof of Execution

Proof of Execution

Once your Ad is released a soft copy would be shared with you within 3 days of release.

Page Positions

Front Page

For (32.9 x 52.5) - 20%, (16x25) - 25% Extra Premium

Back Page

For (32.9 x 52.5), (32.9 x 25) & (16 x 25) - 15% additional Premium on colour rates

Page 3

Page 3: 15% Extra Premium

Inner Page

Your ad would publish on any Inner Page

View Display Ad Samples

View Display Ad Samples

Ad Sizes

Full Page Ad

Full Page
Size:32.9*52.5 cm

Half Page Ad

Half Page
Size:32.9*25 cm

Quarter Page Ad

Quarter Page
Size:16 * 25 cm

About Times Ascent

Times Ascent, featured in the Times of India newspaper and published every Wednesday, is a specialized section devoted to recruitment and job-related advertisements. Its primary purpose is to serve as a platform for companies and employers to promote their job openings while providing job seekers with opportunities to discover suitable positions.

The Times of India, renowned as one of India’s largest and most widely read English-language newspapers, covers a diverse array of news and articles spanning politics, business, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and more. Within this esteemed newspaper, Times Ascent focuses exclusively on the recruitment and job sector.

For companies seeking to expand their workforce, Times Ascent offers an ideal avenue to place recruitment advertisements, effectively reaching a vast audience of potential job seekers across the nation. Simultaneously, individuals in pursuit of new career opportunities can peruse the job listings featured in Times Ascent, exploring diverse industries and job roles to find the perfect match for their aspirations.

Release an Ad in Times Ascent for Recruitment:

If your organization is seeking to recruit new employees, advertising in Times Ascent presents an excellent opportunity. By posting an Ad in Times Ascent, you can attract qualified resumes from candidates actively looking for job opportunities or seeking to transition to better roles.

Times Ascent offers two distinct sections: one for Local/Domestic recruitment and another for Overseas Recruitment, categorized under the heading Overseas Appointment Ads.

Advertisements published in Times Ascent encompass a range of categories, including Situation Vacant, Appointment, Situation Wanted, Jobs, and Multiple vacancies. You have the flexibility to choose the placement of your ad, whether on the Front Page, Back Page, Page 3, or any inner page of the Times Ascent supplement.

Additionally, you can select from various Ad sizes, such as Full Page, Half Page, or Quarter Page. For Overseas Recruitment Advertisements published in Times Ascent, there is a concession on advertisement Tariff.

It’s important to note that Times Ascent Ad Rates may vary for each edition of TOI. Moreover, there are attractive packages available, offering special discounted rates if you choose to advertise in multiple editions.

Bhaves Advertisers, a prominent Advertising Agency, takes pride in offering the most competitive rates for Times Ascent Advertising. As a leading agency in the field, we go the extra mile to provide special discounts on the standard tariff rates, ensuring that our clients get the best value for their advertising investment.

If you are considering advertising in Times Ascent, look no further than Bhaves Advertisers. Our dedicated team of professionals is eager to assist you throughout the process. From understanding your advertising needs to crafting a compelling and impactful ad, we are committed to delivering exceptional service.

Get in touch with us, and we will promptly provide you with a customized and cost-effective quote that aligns with your specific requirements. With Bhaves Advertisers, you can rest assured that your Times Ascent ad campaign will receive the attention it deserves, reaching the right audience and maximizing your recruitment efforts. Contact us today to kick start a successful advertising campaign that can help your organization attract top talent and achieve its goals.

There is also another feature to publish Recruitment Advertisement in Times of India. It is called Times Appointments. The Ad Rates are cheaper in Times Appointments but there are certain limitation to publish your ad in Times Appointments.

Check Times Appointments Ad Rates for various editions.

Times of India Classified Ads Booking Online

Classified Advertisement in TOI can be booked online instantly. Book Recruitment Ad in Times of India under classified section which is the most cost effective option and which are mostly given on Wednesday because Times Ascent publishes on this day & Sunday because people read newspaper leisurely.

Times of India Ad Booking Centers for Times Ascent Advertisement:

How to give Times Ascent Ad in Times of India Newspaper:

There are two options where you can get Times Ascent ad published in Times of India.

First Option is Times Ascent Ad in Classifieds Section and the other option is Times Ascent Display Ad.

For publishing your ad in Classified section you can simply visit our Online Classified Ad Booking Platform and book your Times Ascent Ad online following few simple steps.

For Times Ascent Ads in Box format in Times of India just follow these steps:

  • Draft Times Ascent Ad Content. Write a short and simple content for the Times Ascent ad and don't forget to include important details and gather the images you wish to include if any like your company logo etc.
  • Choose City. Select a city from the above list to get the Times Ascent posted in Times of India.
  • Check Rates.. View Times Ascent rates from the above Table of Times of India Times Ascent Tariff. The rates mentioned are per square centimeter.
  • Plan Publishing Date. Decide the date of publishing of the Times Ascent ad in Times of India Newspaper.
  • Share the details. Send all the above details to us to
  • Get a Quote. We will share you the extact cost offering special discounts for Times Ascent Ad in Times of India along with the Ad Design using the information you have shared.
  • Accept Quote. If you like our quote, we'll send an invoice with payment options.
  • Make Payment. You can pay through various payment options.
  • Publishing Day:. Your Times Ascent ad will be in Times of India on the chosen date.
  • Get Copy: Once it's out, we'll give you an e-paper copy for your records.

Follow these simple steps to get your Times Ascent Ad in Times of India and effectively reach your target audience.