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Times Ascent Ad Rates

Book Times Ascent Ad in Times of India at Lowest Rates

Check out Ad Rates for Advertising in Times Ascent. It is recruitment feature of Times of India which publishes on every Wednesday. Recruitment and Job related Ads are only accepted in Times Ascent.

Times Ascent Advertising Tariff 2020-21

B/W & Colour
Times Ascent All India Editions ₹ 4535 / sqcm
Times Ascent All Metro Editions
Covers Delhi + Mumbai + Bangalore + Chennai + Kolkata + Hyderabad + Pune
₹ 4235 / sqcm
Times Ascent Delhi + Mumbai + Bangalore ₹ 3465 / sqcm
Times Ascent Mumbai + Pune + Ahmedabad ₹ 2370 / sqcm
Times Ascent All South India
Covers Bangalore + Hyderabad + Mangalore + Mysore + Chennai + Kerala + Free Bangalore Mirror
₹ 1935 / sqcm

To book your ad in Times Ascent for any of the above Ad package, please share your recruitment ad content to us via email to . We would design the recruitment ad and send you along with discounted price quote.

Individual City Ad Rates of Times Ascent

Times Ascent Edition Publishing Day Minimum Accepted
Ad Size in Cms.
Recruitment Ad Rate
B/W & Colour
Mumbai Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 1785 / sqcm
Bangalore Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 1340 / sqcm
Delhi Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 1470 / sqcm
Gurgaon Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 116 / sqcm
Madhya Pradesh Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 121 / sqcm
Noida Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 110 / sqcm
All East India Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 885 / sqcm
Kolkata Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 780 / sqcm
Pune Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 715 / sqcm
Aurangabad Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 58 / sqcm
Nashik Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 68 / sqcm
Kolhapur Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 63 / sqcm
Ahmedabad Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 600 / sqcm
Lucknow Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 590 / sqcm
Western UP & UK Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 175 / sqcm
Meerut Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 80 / sqcm
Agra Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 90 / sqcm
Bareilly Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 80 / sqcm
Dehradun Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 90 / sqcm
Hyderabad Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 675 / sqcm
Vizag Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 121 / sqcm
Vijayawada Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 46 / sqcm
Kerala Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 310 / sqcm
Chennai Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 820 / sqcm
Bhubaneshwar Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 160 / sqcm
Kanpur Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 131 / sqcm
Jaipur Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 126 / sqcm
Mysore Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 75 / sqcm
Nagpur Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 121 / sqcm
Goa Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 100 / sqcm
Mangalore Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 68 / sqcm
Guwahati Wednesday 8×6 ₹ 58 / sqcm

Times Ascent Overseas Recruitment Ad Packages

Edition Recruitment Ad Rates
for Overseas Jobs
TOI + ET All India Editions ₹ 4360 / sqcm
Times of India
Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai
₹ 3035 / sqcm
Times of India
Mumbai, Delhi
₹ 2610 / sqcm
Times of India
Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad
₹ 2845 / sqcm
Times of India All South
Covers Bangalore + Hyderabad + Mangalore + Mysore + Chennai + Kerala
₹ 1490 / sqcm

1. For Times Ascent Overseas Column only Overseas Job Ads are accepted.
2. There are certain documents required to advertise in Times Ascent Overseas Feature.

3. Times Ascent Overseas column publishes on every Wednesday.
4. Minimum Accepted Ad Size is 8×6 cms

To book your ad in Times Ascent Overseas feature for any of the above Ad package, please share your recruitment ad content to us via email to . We would design the recruitment ad and send you along with discounted price quote.

Times Ascent Advertisement Rate Card

Book Times Ascent Advertisement Online in Times of India Newspaper at lowest charges

Check out current applicable Times Ascent Ad Rates of Times of India from the table for various editions of Times of India Newspaper. The rates mentioned are in Rupees for 1 square centimeter. There is difference in rates if you wish to place your ad on Front Page, Page 3 or Inner Page Position for Times Ascent Ad in Times of India.

You can also download Times of India Advertisement Rate Card which is available in Pdf & Excel format. We offer Special Discount for Times Ascent Ad on the above Tariff Rates. Get a Free Quote for Times Ascent advertisement in Times Ascent Newspaper. Send your requirement to

Times Ascent Ad Booking Essentials: Here's all you need to know

Publishing Days

Times Ascent Publishing Day


Booking Deadline

Booking Deadline

Advance Saturday

Format for Creative

Format for Creative

Ensure you submit your Ad Creative in High resolution TIFF, PDF or PSD format.

Creative Deadline

Creative Deadline

10am, Monday

Track your Campaign

Track your Ad

Once the Recruitment Ad is confirmed for release, you will receive a notification and you can check your ad phyically or via Times ascent e-paper on the schedule date.

Proof of Execution

Proof of Execution

Once your Ad is released a soft copy would be shared with you within 3 days of release.

Page Positions

Front Page

For (32.9 x 52.5) - 20%, (16x25) - 25% Extra Premium

Back Page

For (32.9 x 52.5), (32.9 x 25) & (16 x 25) - 15% additional Premium on colour rates

Page 3

Page 3: 15% Extra Premium

Inner Page

Your ad would publish on any Inner Page

View Display Ad Samples

View Display Ad Samples

Ad Sizes

Full Page Ad

Full Page
Size:32.9*52.5 cm

Half Page Ad

Half Page
Size:32.9*25 cm

Quarter Page Ad

Quarter Page
Size:16 * 25 cm

About Times Ascent

Times Ascent a weekly recruitment special feature focusing on Human Resource Development, Job opportunities and employment which publishes on every Wednesday with Times of India Newspaper.

Editorial in Times Ascent is covered news features of Current and Future trends in human resource development for job seekers and HR professionals. The features are about the changing paradigm of work, the personal fulfillment that the employee seeks, the emotional engagement the employer expects, and the empowerment for both.

Release an Ad in Times Ascent for Recruitment:

If you are looking to recruit employees for your organization then placing an Ad in Times Ascent would be the right option. Post an Ad in Times Ascent for getting valid resumes from candidates who are looking for job or better opportunities for job change.

There are 2 sections in Times Ascent. One is for Local / Domestic recruitment and other one is for Overseas Recruitment under Overseas Appointment Ads heading.

Advertisement published in Times Ascent are of Situation Vacant, Appointment, Situation Wanted, Jobs, Multiple vacancies. You have option to published your ad on Front Page, Back Page, Page 3 or any inner page in Times Ascent supplement.

There is also an option to choose Full Page, Half Page Quarter Page Ad sizes. There is a concession on advertisement Tariff for Overseas Recruitment Advertisements published in Times Ascent. Times Ascent Ad Rates varies for every edition of TOI. There are also various packages offered with special discounted rates if you go for multiple editions.

Bhaves Advertisers a leading Advertising Agency offer lowest rates and provide special discounts on tariff rate for Times Ascent Advertising. Contact us and our team is eager to send you the best quote.

There is also another feature to publish Recruitment Advertisement in Times of India. It is called Times Appointments. The Ad Rates are cheaper in Times Appointments but there are certain limitation to publish your ad in Times Appointments.

Check Times Appointments Ad Rates for various editions.

Times of India Classified Ads Booking Online

Classified Advertisement in TOI can be booked online instantly. Book Recruitment Ad in Times of India under classified section which is the most cost effective option and which are mostly given on Wednesday because Times Ascent publishes on this day & Sunday because people read newspaper leisurely.

Times of India Ad Booking Centers for Times Ascent Advertisement:

Here is how you can book Times Ascent Ad in Times of India:

Follow a few simple steps process for booking and publishing your Times Ascent Ad in Times of India Newspaper

  • Check Times Ascent Ad Rates which are mentioned in Rupees per square centimeter for Times of India.
  • Decide your Times Ascent advertisement size by calculating the rate multiplied by sq. cm. to suit your budget.
  • Get the Times Ascent advertisement draft for the ad content ready keeping the decided size in mind. Send us the advertisement content & get a quote along with discount for Times of India Newspaper.
  • Plan your publishing schedule for Times Ascent advertisement by checking booking essentials mentioned for Times of India newspaper.
  • Upon receiving your consent on the Ad Rates quoted for Times Ascent Ad in Times of India, we will send you an invoice with every payment options available.
  • Once the payment is received, our designing team would start designing your Times Ascent ad as per your requirements and it will get published on the chosen date in Times of India.
  • After your Times Ascent advertisement is published in Times Ascent newspaper, an e-paper copy of the newspaper will be received by you for reference