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Property Ad Rates

Check out The Telegraph Property Ad Rates

Tariff Rates in Rupees per (w.e.f 01-02-2015)

Edition Inner Page B/W Inner Page Colour Front Page (Colour)
Display Rates – Monday to Thursday
All Edition (Excluding Orssisa & Bihar) 2600 4000
All Edition Front Page (20 x 12.1 cm) 1221590
All Edition Front Page (25 x 16.3 cm) 2057320
Culcutta Edition Metro (CE) 1500 2120
Culcutta Edition Metro (20 x 12.1 cm) 608700
Culcutta Edition Metro (25 x 16.3 cm) 1025170
South Bengal (SE) 445 715
North Bengal (NE) 260 385
Jharkhand (HE) 230 460
Orissa (OE) 130 200
Bihar (YE) 165 200
Display Rates – Friday to Sunday
All Edition (Excluding Orssisa & Bihar) 3270 5010
All Edition Front Page (20 x 12.1 cm) 1526890
All Edition Front Page (25 x 16.3 cm) 2570990
Culcutta Edition Metro (CE) 1680 2480
Culcutta Edition Metro (20 x 12.1 cm) 676410
Culcutta Edition Metro (25 x 16.3 cm) 1139010
South Bengal (SE) 555 900
North Bengal (NE) 340 495
Jharkhand (HE) 290 580
Orissa (OE) 130 200
Bihar (YE) 165 200
North Bengal 470 580
Silchar 20
Property Ad Booking

Book Property Advertisement Online in The Telegraph Newspaper at lowest charges

Check out Latest Property Ad Rates of The Telegraph Newspaper from the below tariff table. The rates mentioned are in Rupees per square centimeter. This Table for The Telegraph Property Ad Rates provides you cost for Front Page, Back Page, Page 3, Page 5 and Inner Page Position for its various Editions.

You can also download The Telegraph Advertisement Rate Card which is available in Pdf & Excel format. You can avail Special Offers & Discounts on this Tariff Rates. To get an Free Quote for Property advertising please email your requirement to

The Telegraph Editions & Circulations

Here is how you can book Property Ad in The Telegraph:

Follow a few simple steps process for booking and publishing your Property Ad in The Telegraph Newspaper

  • Check Property Ad Rates which are mentioned in Rupees per square centimeter for The Telegraph.
  • Decide your Property advertisement size by calculating the rate multiplied by sq. cm. to suit your budget.
  • Get the Property advertisement draft for the ad content ready keeping the decided size in mind. Send us the advertisement content & get a quote along with discount for The Telegraph Newspaper.
  • Plan your publishing schedule for Property advertisement by checking booking essentials mentioned for The Telegraph newspaper.
  • Upon receiving your consent on the Ad Rates quoted for Property Ad in The Telegraph, we will send you an invoice with every payment options available.
  • Once the payment is received, our designing team would start designing your Property ad as per your requirements and it will get published on the chosen date in The Telegraph.
  • After your Property advertisement is published in Property newspaper, an e-paper copy of the newspaper will be received by you for reference

Popular Advertising Categories in Indian Newspapers:

There are various options available for advertising in every Newspaper in India. It really depends on your advertising requirement to which categories to advertise for. The most advertising categories in newspaper are Display Ad in Newspaper, Classified Ad in Newspaper, Classified Display Ad, Public Notice Ad in Paper, Financial Results Ad, Obituary Ad in Newspaper, Recruitment Ad in Newspaper, Property Ad in Newspaper, Tender Notice Ad.

Every category has different Ad Rate and they are charged in Rupees per square centimeter.