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Tender Notice Ad Rates

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The Hindu Tender Notice Ad Tariff 2020-21

Edition Tender Notice
Ad Rates (B/w)
Tender Notice
Classified Display Rates
Hindu All Editions ₹ 5385 / sqcm ₹ 2030 / sqcm
Southern Edition ₹ 5095 / sqcm ₹ 1970 / sqcm
Chennai ₹ 5095 / sqcm ₹ 1240 / sqcm
Coimbatore ₹ 1055 / sqcm ₹ 200 / sqcm
Madurai ₹ 515 / sqcm ₹ 85 / sqcm
Trichy ₹ 370 / sqcm ₹ 70 / sqcm
NASA Pondy ₹ 280 / sqcm ₹ 55 / sqcm
Telangana Edition ₹ 1105 / sqcm ₹ 210 / sqcm
AP Edition ₹ 1105 / sqcm ₹ 145 / sqcm
Hyderabad City ₹ 820 / sqcm ₹ 120 / sqcm
Vizag Edition ₹ 565 / sqcm ₹ 85 / sqcm
Vijayawada Edition ₹ 565 / sqcm ₹ 60 / sqcm
AP+TS ₹ 1945 / sqcm ₹ 320 / sqcm
Kerala ₹ 765 / sqcm ₹ 140 / sqcm
Karnataka ₹ 910 / sqcm ₹ 95 / sqcm
Mumbai ₹ 320 / sqcm ₹ 35 / sqcm
New Delhi ₹ 620 / sqcm ₹ 100 / sqcm
Lucknow ₹ 75 / sqcm ₹ 50 / sqcm
Mohali ₹ 75 / sqcm ₹ 50 / sqcm

To book Tender Ad in The Hindu newspaper for any of the above Editions, please send us your advertisement requirement via email to We would analyse your requirement and calculate the cost then send you a quote with discounted price.

Hindu Tender Notice Advertisement Tariff

Book Tender Notice Advertisement Online in The Hindu Newspaper at lowest charges

Check out current applicable Tender Notice Ad Rates of The Hindu from the table for various editions of The Hindu Newspaper. The rates mentioned are in Rupees for 1 square centimeter. There is difference in rates if you wish to place your ad on Front Page, Page 3 or Inner Page Position for Tender Notice Ad in The Hindu.

You can also download The Hindu Advertisement Rate Card which is available in Pdf & Excel format. We offer Special Discount for Tender Notice Ad on the above Tariff Rates. Get a Free Quote for Tender Notice advertisement in Tender Notice Newspaper. Send your requirement to

Tender Notice Ad Booking Essentials: Here's all you need to know

Publishing Days

Publishing Day

All Days, Every week.

Booking Deadline

Booking Deadline

1 Day before.

Format for Creative

Format for Creative

Ensure you submit your Ad Creative in High resolution TIFF, PDF or PSD format.

Creative Deadline

Creative Deadline

1 Day before.

Track your Campaign

Track your Advertisement

Once the Ad is confirmed for release, you will receive a notification and you can check your ad phyically or via e-paper on the schedule date.

Proof of Execution

Proof of Execution

Once your Ad is released a soft copy would be shared with you within 3 days of release.

Page Positions

Inner Page

Tender Ad publishes on specific Page only.

View Display Ad Samples

View Display Ad Samples

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The Hindu Ad Booking Centers for Tender Notice Advertisement:

Here is how you can book Tender Notice Ad in The Hindu:

Follow a few simple steps process for booking and publishing your Tender Notice Ad in The Hindu Newspaper

  • Check Tender Notice Ad Rates which are mentioned in Rupees per square centimeter for The Hindu.
  • Decide your Tender Notice advertisement size by calculating the rate multiplied by sq. cm. to suit your budget.
  • Get the Tender Notice advertisement draft for the ad content ready keeping the decided size in mind. Send us the advertisement content & get a quote along with discount for The Hindu Newspaper.
  • Plan your publishing schedule for Tender Notice advertisement by checking booking essentials mentioned for The Hindu newspaper.
  • Upon receiving your consent on the Ad Rates quoted for Tender Notice Ad in The Hindu, we will send you an invoice with every payment options available.
  • Once the payment is received, our designing team would start designing your Tender Notice ad as per your requirements and it will get published on the chosen date in The Hindu.
  • After your Tender Notice advertisement is published in Tender Notice newspaper, an e-paper copy of the newspaper will be received by you for reference